Interactivity Description

This Camp is Bullshit and Bullshit is the new Awesome. This year we are working to bring even more people knee deep in it!
Our concepts are based around bringing people out of their comfort zones and to try new things. For fun, for art and for a truly Bullshit experience.  Some of the activities include…

Welcome Party - "Hi, welcome to Burning Man. Do you have a beer?"
This is the kick-off party to welcome ourselves back to the playa. Music and Dance will be provided.
Monday Noon

Chips and Salsa and Salsa Dance Classes - Learn to shake your ass.
Bullshit is the new Awesome, so bring your bullshit dance moves down to This Camp is Bullshit for a 3 day progressive salsa workshop. No partner is needed and all levels are welcome. We'll show you some footwork, turns, and partner patterns and we start each day by going over previous material so no worries if you missed one. So come learn some new moves and stay to dance or just bullshit after.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2pm

Bull Head Bike Decoration- Instant Art for your Bike
Transform your playa transportation into something more. Stop by our Bullshit art station and paint a wooden bull head to metamorphisize your simple bike into a raging bull. Use paint and other craft supplies available. You'll have no problem finding something to fit your personal bullshit style. Once your bullhead transformation is complete don't forget to come back for the Running of the Bulls to take place Thursday at 4pm.
M,T,W,TH till the sun goes down

Asshole Karaoke
What do you get when you mix a megaphone with singing along to your favorite song?

Barrel Bull – Our low tech mechanical bull
Take a change and try to ride our Bull and beat the best time.  The bull in a 55 gallon barrel suspended a few feet in the air by 4 ropes attached to posts.  Try to stay on while people jerk the ropes and attempt to throw you off.  Mattresses adorn the ground below the bull to cushion the inevitable fall.  A stopwatch keeps time for the best of record.

Bike Wheel of Consequences
Bike Wheel of Consequences: The Bike Wheel of Consequences is a spin on Marcel Duchamp’s’ Bike Wheel.  Only this wheel will be a penalty/prize wheel.  For use as an example, when a camp visitor doesn’t have a cup and needs to use one of ours at our Bar.  Or as another example, when a camp mate causes a problem.  “Break a deal, Face the Wheel”.  Also for use at anytime. Bicycle Wheel is a readymade by Marcel Duchamp consisting of a bicycle fork with front fork and wheel mounted upside-down on a wooden stool. In 1913 at his Paris studio he mounted the bicycle wheel upside down onto a stool, spinning it occasionally just to watch it. Later he denied that its creation was purposeful, though it has come to be known as the first of his readymades. "I enjoyed looking at it," he said. "Just as I enjoy looking at the flames dancing in the fireplace." It was not until he began making readymades a few years later in New York that he decided Bicycle Wheel was a readymade. The original from 1913 was lost, and Duchamp recreated the sculpture in 1951. Bicycle Wheel is said to be the first kinetic sculpture.

Plinko Board Game

The contestant is given one round flat disc, called a Plinko chip, The contestant takes the chips they have earned up a set of stairs to the top of the Plinko board. The board is made up of a field of pegs, with each row offset from the previous row. At the bottom of the board are nine slots marked symmetrically with prizes. As the chip falls, it is deflected by pegs, making it virtually impossible to predict where the chips will land. In addition, the sides of the board are in a zig-zag pattern which also allows the chips to ricochet back toward the center. The contestant wins whatever prize which corresponds with the slot the chip lands in.


Connect 4

Connect 4 (also known as Captain's MistressFour Up,Plot FourFind FourFourplayFour in a Row and Four in a Line) is a two-player connection game in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupying the next available space within the column. The object of the game is to connect four of one's own discs of the same color next to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent. The first player can always win by playing the right moves

Running of the Bulls Pre Party
Thursday 3:30pm

Running of the Bulls - 3rd Annual Running of the Bulls.
Bikes Decorated with bullheads instant art parade down the street…chasing down the runners.
Thursday 4pm

Running of the Bulls After Party - This Party Is Bullshit!
Music, Dance, Barrel Bull and more Bullshit.
Thursday 4:30pm

Our jousting beam is constantly available. Passing burner are invited to step on up and test their virility against each other or challenge one of our Bullshit Champions to a joust at any time. Consisting of a large wooden beam and two foam weapons; the object is to knock the opponent off the beam.  This game of luck, skill, balance and dexterity has proven in the past to be fun and popular.