This Camp is Bullshit!

Camp Layout
Camp Layout 2014

Camp Home Town:
Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York

Text for BM Website Listing 2014:
Bullshit! is the new awesome and this camp is full of it!  We are hosting Salsa Dance workshops/parties throughout the week; also stop by anytime to turn your bike into a raging bull so that you can stampede with us through the streets of Black Rock city during the 3rd annual Running of the Bulls, plus Asshole Karaoke, Ride the Bull Barrel, Wheel of Consequences and much more.  So check the playa schedule, because This Camp is Bullshit!

Acculturation Description
We will meet this challenge by guiding ourselves by the ten principles. Our camp will not only guide ourselves but we will try to instill these principles into the newest members of our community. Interacting with other burners goes right into the layout of our camp. Rather than hiding our camp away behind campers and tents, This Camp is Bullshit! likes to leave two sides of its shade structure open and put our lounge as close to passing burners as we can. With this visibility to the street Bullshitters are constantly calling out to and inviting other burners to stop by and share some shade, have a drink, make art, learn to dance, or just bullshit for a minute. Some may actually find us annoying but we think that's Bullshit!

Camp Description
100’ frontage with solar lights designating front of camp; set close to the street to allow for maximum interaction will be a 20’x30’ Shade Structure that will serve as a lounge area with inviting couches and other seating available for campmates and passers-by. There will be an arts and crafts area inside the lounge where people can decorate wooden bull heads that will be affixed to their bikes. The 20’x20’ Dance Hall will house music for salsa classes and general getting of down. Inside will be a 4’x8’ DJ platform that will stand a few inches off the ground, with a nook for amplifier and equipment.  Speakers will play the music at acceptable decibels.  A generator located near by will be used to power the DJ booth; noise baffles will be used for the generator.  Beer and wine will be served from the bar towards the back of another 20’x 20’ structure with a blocked off area for the camp kitchen. Lounge, Dance Hall and Kitchen/Bar structures will be made of EMT conduit, metal connectors, canvas walls and Polyethylene canopy and will be lit at night with battery powered lights. Two bike racks will help keep bicycles tidy.  Each rack is 8ft long, made of wood and will be staked into the playa with rebar.

A shower will be available for campmates of T.C.I.B.  that is a 4’x4x stall slightly elevated off the ground with a drain at the bottom.  The drain sends the grey water to the grey water removal area via a garden hose. The Shower is nitrogen propelled and heated by propane.  Water will come from 55 gallon drums that will be refilled during BurningMan by the good people at MECO. Water for delivery to the playa from Meco has been reserved. Grey Water Removal will be two types of evaporation machines. We will have two Evapotron 9000s, which use two battery powered spits to rotate two tubes of mesh cloth which evaporates approx. 25 gallons a day. The second will be the Evap-fountain. This will cascade water down three steps of mesh cloth to an awaiting receptacle with a solar powered pump that takes the water back to the top tear. Our burn barrel will be placed in a 20’ radius away from all things flammable.