Dues and Budget

Dues are what pays for the infrastructure of the camp.  Things like the bar, bar supplies, the showers, water for showers, generator,
fuel for the generator, camp lighting, sound and decor, signage, construction materials, equipment transport,
dumping fees, bar ice, etc.  Once dues are paid, they are promptly spent on these things, so dues are not refundable.
No profit is made from camp dues. Accounting is transparent and will be posted after the event.
Our projected budget will be listed on the bottom of this page.
DUES ARE CURRENTLY $250 PER PERSON but we as accepting up to $300 if you feel generous.
($300 if paid after June 1st)

We at This Camp Is Bullshit understand that we are in tough economic times and that some people are truly broke.  If this is the case for you and you really,
really, really want to be part of the camp and really, really, really can't afford it...we might be able to work somthing out.

The projected budget for 2013 is:
$ 7000.00