There are a number of things that need to be done in order to get this bullshit camp going.

This is a list of job openings that need to be filled, some of which have had nominations. If you have been nominated for any position that you’d rather not do, please let us know. If you have already filled out the Sign-Up form but would like to be nominated for more work, let us know. You can sign up for more than one job. Some jobs are work that needs to be done before we leave for the Man and some jobs are for shifts to work during the Man. What we want is to spread the workload out so no one person is doing all the work.

Job Openings:

Treasurer (1 position) - Nominations so far -
Collects Dues. Knows the budget. Pays receipts back. Keeps the camp on budget. Knowing Excel and how to make spreadsheets is a plus but not mandatory. 

Fund Raiser (multiple positions) - Nominations so far -
Finds reliable and reasonable ways to make funds for our camp. It's gonna be a big year and we need the cash to make it happen. 

Lead Promoter (1 position ) - Nominations so far -
Person that uh…promotes the camp for the burn. In charge of getting a radio commercial together for BMR. In charge of promoting Salsa, Salsa at the burn. Promotes the Running of the Bulls.  Promotes Asshole Karaoke. Manages promotion crew.

Promotion Monkeys (multiple positions ) - Nominations so far -
The team responsible for helping promote all events under supervision of the lead promoter.

Shade Structure General (1 position) -
The General is in charge of erecting the shade structure, maintaining it throughout the burn, and tearing the structure down.He/She/It calculates size and how many new pieces we need (walls, polls, etc.). Makes sure all the pieces make it to the Man.  Brings any tools or equipment needed to construct and maintain the structure. This person will need early arrival.

Shade Structure LT (1 position) - Nominations so far -
Knows everything the Shade Structure General knows. This person will need early arrival.

Shade Structure PVT (2 positions) - Nominations so far -
Works with the General and LT to put the structure together. These campers will need early arrival.

Lounge Lizard (1 position) -
Helps design and sets up the lounge area. Makes sure the lounge area stays tidy throughout the burn. Coffee table(s)? Cubbies? Coat Rack? Makes a plan and executes it.

Lounge Frog (1 position) - Nominations so far -
Lounge Lizards right hand. Knows and does all that the Lizard knows and does.

Couch Liberator ( 1 or multiple positions) - Nominations so far -
Campers that secure the camp’s 4 -5 couches. Finds a way to get the couches to the Burn and disposes of them responsibly after.

Kitchen Czars ( 3 positions) -
The Kitchen Czars have an idea on what the kitchen area will look like. What equipment we have and need? Gets what is needed?  Helps keeps the kitchen area tidy. The kitchen is all of ours, but these peeps know the ins and outs.

Head Chef
( 1 position) -
Knows who eats what. Are any of the Bullshitters allergic to anything? Does anyone have dietary restrictions? Who is cooking what and what night? Has a back-up plan in case a cooking shift falls apart. Breakfast maybe? Helps keep the kitchen area tidy. Knows who is in charge of dinner clean up every night. Posts a list of who is cooking what, and who is in charge of cleaning up.

Chief Chef ( 1 position)-
Knows everything Head Chef knows. Head Chef’s right hand.

Wash Master ( 1 position) -
Builds and maintains the shower facilities. Schedules water delivery’s. Makes sure water delivery people get paid. Tears down shower.

Shower Schlep ( 1 position) - Nominations so far - T, Baruch, Morris, Gabe, Gopal, David
Knows the shower set-up. Can maintained the shower if there is a problem. Helps set-up and tear down the shower.

G.B.G.B.s – (positions)
Makes sure the gray water problem isn't a problem throughout the week.

Burn Barrel Boss ( 1 position) -
Does the research and builds the burn barrel. Finds out the criteria to having a burn barrel at the man.  Figures out how to keep the ashes in check during the Burn, and a way to take the ashes home and dispose of them. Makes sure the barrel stays safe.

Fire Safety Officers (5 positions) - Nominations so far -
Everyone should know where the fire extinguishers are and how to us them, but these people are tasked with keeping the burn barrel from becoming a fire problem. If we have a burn barrel we need to be prepared.  

Grand Master DJ ( 1 position) -
In charge of sound system. Setting up and taking down audio equipment. Speakers? Cords? Power requirements? Brings music and in charge of getting Bullshitters to bring music. In charge of picking any other DJs if they are wanted.

Sound Techies ( 3 positions) - Nominations so far -
Learns the sound equipment set up and can operate when the Grand Master DJ is not around, busy,or too fucked up.

Bartender(s) (multiple positions) - Nominations so far -
Serves PBR and Wine in camp. Shifts will be rotated. Only one or two will be working at a time.

Bar-Back ( multiple positions) - Nominations so far -
Restocks Coolers. Helps the Bartender. Shifts will be rotated. Only one of two will be working at a time.

Consequences Conquistadors  ( multiple positions ) - Nominations so far -
If a guest or campmate does something wrong you make them spin the Wheel of Consequences. Shifts will be rotated. Only one will be working at a time. This is a loose job that any and all can do.

Plinko Plinker( 1 positions) -
In charge of the Plinko creation and setup.

Salsa, Salsa Senator ( 1 position) -
Works with the Salsa instructors to come up with a class outline.  Finds out the requirement to serve Salsa at class.  Do we need a health code certificate?

Salsa, Salsa Instructors ( 3 -6 positions ) - Nominations so far -
Teaches Salsa Classes.

Salsa, Salsa Greeters ( 3 - 6 positions) - Nominations so far -
Welcomes guests to the camp for classes. Joins in on taking a class. Helps set up and clean up Salsa Classes.

Asshole Karaoke Major ( 1 position) -
Brings Asshole Karaoke to fruition.  Figures out how it’s going to work. Secures two Megaphones.

Asshole Karaoke MC(s) (3 positions ) - Nominations so far -
Runs Asshole Karaoke for a Shift. Expert at being an asshole with a megaphone a plus but not required, training provided.

Asshole Karaoke Greeters ( 3 positions) - Nominations so far -
Welcomes guests and has fun during an Asshole Karaoke shift. Helps set up and clean up camp for Karaoke.

Sorters ( Everyone) - Take care of your own waste
Make sure the glass, metal, paper, plastic, and food waste stays under control. Hopefully the paper will go in the burn barrel if we get that built.

Bullshit Party Planner ( 1 position) - Nominations so far -
In charge of making sure the SF party happens and stays smooth.

Assistants Bullshit Party Planner ( 1 -2 positions) - Nominations so far -
Knows what the Planner knows. Helps the Planner get it all done.

Bullshit Party Personal ( at least 10 positions available) -
Work the Party. More to come on this.

Connect 4 Connector( at least 1 positions available) -
In charge of the Connect 4 creation and setup.

Things that need to be built, ordered, or liberated:

Bar Painters - (position) -
Paint the Bullshit Bar. 

Wheel of Consequences Builder - Nominations so far - s
Builds or orders the Wheel. It should be able to change consequences.

Bull Heads– Nominations so far -
Gets the Bullheads for the bikes fabricated.

Kitchen Shelves - Nominations so far -
Works with Kitchen Czars to build if needed. Playa Tech maybe. Maybe Baker Rack.

- Nominations so far -
Works with Lounge Lizard to build if needed.  Playa tech maybe.

Shower - Nominations so far -

Water Heater - Nominations so far -
Orders or builds a water heater for shower.

Gray Water Removal Engineer – (position)
Thinks up and builds a great way to get rid of about 90 gallons of gray-water a day.

Burn Barrel - (position)
Fabricates Burn Barrel.

Plinko Builder - Nominations so far -
Fabricates or orders the Plinko Game.

Connect 4 Builder - Nominations so far -
Fabricates or orders the giant connect 4 Game.

SWAG Swaggerer - (position) -
Gets the This Camp is Bullshit official SWAG for 2013

Couches - (position) -
Need 5 to 7 Couches –
Campers that secure the camp’s couches. Finds a way to get the couches to the Burn and disposes for them responsibly after. Don't get couches that have been sitting on the street. They are usually really gross, have bugs or even worst, cooties. Remember, we sit and some of us (including but not limited to, Dave) sleep on these. The best way is to find couches is on craigslist for free and offer to move the couch out of there house for them.